We dance for those who can't.

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What is The Stand?

We are an organization started in 2013 by individuals who came from universities with Dance Marathon programs benefiting their local children’s hospitals. We participate in year-round fundraising, fun events, networking, and volunteer opportunities. Each year we also host a celebration of life to announce the donation total and give the kids and families a platform to share their stories.

We are constantly looking to create a network of New Yorkers who want to collaborate with like-minded individuals to help kids and families in our community, so far we have donated $133,000 since 2013, with over $41,000 donated last year alone!


We Help Save Lives


Fundraising benefits Cohen’s Children by purchasing life saving equipment and supporting other hospital needs. This year we’re funding a ventilator for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit a critical piece of equipment used to save the lives of premature babies.


We have a Date!

Come Join Us May 4th, 2019


New Year New Location

This year the stand has a beautiful new venue, we will proudly be hosting our event at the midtown terrace and lofts!


Our Story

The Stand is one of four city-wide Dance Marathon programs across the country. We have raised over $133,000 for local New York City children's hospitals. We provide life saving equipment and treatment for children treated at Cohen Children's Medical Center. 

Cohen Children's

Cohen Children's Medical Center provides the highest levels of care for children. They are the largest provider of pediatric health services in the state of New York, serving 1.8 million children each year in New York City and beyond.

How It Works

The Stand hosts a yearly "Dance Marathon." Dance Marathon is neither a marathon nor a dance but rather, a celebration of life. Register to dance, fundraise with your own fundraising page, and pledge to stand for sick gets in New York City!

Corporate Teams

In 2018, The Stand will be offering corporate sponsorship benefits for those companies brining 10 or more employees to The Stand. We've set up a fun day of service to engage your employees in service and philanthropy to share together. 

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